Environmentally friendly engines

​New Daily van offers the widest range of engines, is highly innovative in the world of commercial transport, is the expression of the highest engine technology and has maximum respect for the environment:

Daily embodies the latest engine technology, by providing maximum respect for the environment.

The Daily offer is the most complete in its category, with a total of 3 available engines - including the brand new Natural power version which, besides the traditional economic and ecological advantages of methane engines, adds petrol power in "recovery mode" thanks to an auxiliary reserve petrol tank.

The Daily engines provide maximum flexibility in the world of medium commercial professional transport: maximum torque is available from even the lowest revs and is constant for a wide range of operation.

All of the inspection points for routine checks are easily accessible (this also contributes to minimising vehicle downtime).

Design innovation makes the Daily one of the most economical medium commercial vehicles available, while operating with excellent fuel economy.

The new Daily engines have been improved in terms of technology and performance.

Two types of engine, compliant to Euro 3 emissions standard, are available:

2.3 litre Common Rail Turbo Intercooler: Delivers 116 HP with a maximum torque of 270 Nm for 3.5 ton GVM single wheel vans.

3 litre Common Rail Turbo Intercooler: Delivers 146 HP with maximum torque of 350 Nm on all twin rear wheel vans at 5.4 Tons GVM.

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